Build your own individual house with Swisshaus

We build houses. In all kinds of styles and sizes. Brick by brick in solid concrete or as a wooden house. Swisshaus – your reliable building partner.

We sit down with you to plan your individual house – tailored to your wishes and at a guaranteed fixed price. Have a look through our wide-ranging offers: we build flexible single family houses, individually planned architect-designed houses and multi-family houses.

Home building experience

As an experienced building partner and Swiss market leader, Swisshaus knows how to handle the increasing complexity of construction projects. We are committed to working with regional partners and providing guaranteed quality.

We act as your single point of contact when building your new home. Swisshaus accompanies you every step of the way to your dream home: from the initial idea to planning, looking for building land, financing and construction, right through to the handing over of the keys.

Read about the experiences of our clients: our customer testimonials offer a peek inside some of the individual homes already built by Swisshaus.

Move into your new life

Swisshaus, the Swiss market leader in the construction of individual single-family homes, has been acquainted with the needs and desires of future home-owners since 1996. In those years, we have built over 4,000 houses, helping just as many dreams to come true.

Why building with Swisshaus?

  • 1 Swiss market leader

    Swisshaus has been the market leader in the construction of single-family homes in Switzerland since 2004. And there’s a good reason for this: proven construction processes and long-serving, skilled staff ensure continuity and certainty. With us, you have a financially healthy, constant and reliable partner at your side.

  • 2 Guaranteed fixed price

    We sit down with you to plan your individual building project and show you the costs that need to be budgeted for. Once a detailed calculation has been made, you know the end price you will pay for your future home. We can subsequently guarantee the agreed price – usually before building work starts. This transparency gives you financial certainty. Price fluctuations on the market do not affect you, as these are covered by Swisshaus. This is something we vouch for with our fixed price guarantee.

  • 3 Everything from a single source

    If you want to build a house, you’re in good hands with us, as Swisshaus oversees every step from start to finish. We act as general contractor, organising, coordinating and monitoring the entire process. This already starts with the search for building land, continues with planning and realising the construction work, and ends when the keys are handed over.

  • 4 Custom building

    What plans and wishes do you have for your house? Simply let us know. Our architects will design your house to match your expectations. But you can also use one of our house models as the basis for your home and refine the design together with us in line with your needs.

  • 5 Local partners

    We work with proven local specialists and builders as partners. These experts know the local conditions and reach the building site quickly, saving both time and money. This approach certainly has the least impact on the environment.

  • 6 Emotional support

    A house is generally something you only build once in life. This can be an emotionally charged undertaking. Because we’re aware of this, we place all of our experience and expertise at your service and help you through any and every circumstance. Our goal is for you to enjoy your new home.

  • 7 Firm deadlines

    We discuss your preferred moving-in date during the planning phase. We take this as our target date during the entire construction phase.

  • 8 Extended warranty

    Long-standing partnerships with seasoned builders ensure top quality. You come to benefit from the trust we have in our partners, as we extend the statutory warranty period of five years by one year. In this sixth year, we alone assume the full warranty.

  • 9 Diverse construction types

    Do you want a house made of wood? Or would you prefer brick? Be it light or solid construction – we focus on what you want. And this holds true for single-family and multi-family dwellings just as much as for extensions.

  • 10 Energy efficiency

    Energy saving is in. What demands do you have when it comes to environmentally friendly construction? Swisshaus has a wide range of options at its disposal for incorporating energy efficiency and ecological aspects in the plans. Our experts would be happy to create an individual solution especially for you.

Free information package

Request free documentation containing floor plans and/or background information on single-family, wood and multi-family houses. Or ask us your question.

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