Minergie – a quality label for your home

Minergie houses are highly energy-efficient and retain their value well.

All houses built by Swisshaus feature high quality insulation. If you wish, though, we can also build your home to the Minergie standard, allowing a further slight reduction in energy requirements. The Swisshaus Minergie package means that you do not face any disruption as a result. The three most important conditions for achieving the Minergie standard are:

  • An airtight, compact building shell
  • Enhanced heat insulation for walls and windows
  • An automatic ventilation system with heat recovery

Which actual measures are necessary depends among other things on the how much your property is exposed to sunlight. Whatever else, the main façade must face south.

At least three advantages

  • Pleasant indoor environment: The well-insulated, airtight building shell yields exactly the right room temperatures, while the comfort ventilation system with heat recovery ensures clean air in the rooms and keeps out external noise when the windows are closed.
  • Better value retention: The high standard of construction and insulation has a positive impact on the medium- and long-term value of the property.
  • Lower energy costs: The energy requirements and hence heating costs are reduced. The reduction in energy also has a benign effect on the environment.

Building a Minergie home with Swisshaus

Swisshaus helps you to gain the Minergie certificate. We take care of the application and the necessary documentation. Your customer advisor or the project manager will inform you about the Swisshaus package and the additional costs. We offer the Minergie standard at a fixed price for every house. The more stringent standards (Minergie P and A) must be costed individually for every house. It’s good for owners to know that many banks offer special mortgages with lower interest rates for Minergie houses. Furthermore, some cantons offer subsidies for the construction of new Minergie houses.