Building land prices in Switzerland

The Swisshaus building land service is familiar with customary building land prices and can help you find the right plot of land for your new home.

Building land prices in Switzerland vary greatly from region to region. In rural areas such as Thurgau, land prices are considerably lower than in the region around Lake Zurich, for example. However, the price of building land can also differ greatly within a canton: in Canton Zurich, for example, in 2012 the average cost of building land lay between CHF 244/m2 (Altikon) and CHF 3,923/m2 (Zollikon).

Various factors influence building land prices

But why these differences? One important criterion is location (transport connections, infrastructure, view, noise, etc.). But special building regulations, special rules – in respect of the plot ratio for example – and the quality of the building site (hillside plot, rock, water, etc.) can also have an impact on the selling price. Another deciding factor is whether the building land already has water, power and drainage connections available.

Building land offers from Swisshaus

High demand and a shortage of supply in certain regions are driving prices upwards. However, rural areas with well-connected plots of land at fair prices represent a good alternative. The professional building land specialists at Swisshaus know the market, can recognize reasonable building land prices in Switzerland, and are able to judge the quality of building land. Take a look at our building land offers. And if you have any questions, simply contact us.