A home of his own for Elvis Presley

Remo Schnarwiler has been mad about Elvis Presley ever since he was a boy. His collection of „King of Rock’n’Roll“ memorabilia gives this dream home, which was built to the owner‘s specifications and incorporates an exhibition room and home cinema, a character all of its own. The King lives – in the heart and home of his fan.

Ex-wife Priscilla and daughter Lisa-Marie – not only has he met them all, he has even appeared on stage alongside the band members. This particular fan has also organised special exhibitions. Remo Schnarwiler from Aesch in canton Lucerne has now made a dream come true by building his own house with exhibition room and home cinema. He is proud of his extraordinary collection, one of the biggest in Europe, which has now found a worthy home. He bought the 3,000 m² plot of building land from one of his customers. A sustainable investment – that was an important criteria. The imaginative client shared his ideas with us right from the start.

The client is king

The future home-owner knew exactly how he wanted his place to look. He bought a CAD program and – without any further knowledge – started sketching his house ideas during the holidays. A suitable room in which to put his unrivalled collection of memorabilia on show was the key requirement. His private exhibition gives visitors a pretty good insight into the King of Rock’n’Roll and how he lived. Huge amounts of documents, CDs, films and stage costumes are on display in glass cases or cupboards. The exhibition room in the basement has direct access to the home cinema and small, mirrored-glass operator room.

The exhibition room is devoted entirely to Elvis

He deliberately wanted to keep the living room and kitchen on the ground floor separate. Partly because of the potential aromas: "The smell of fondue lingers for days," explains the owner. And partly because this partitioning of space means that his guests' children can watch a film while the adults chat peacefully over a glass of wine in the open kitchen that borders onto the dining room. The partitioning of space creates a variety of areas in which guests can meet.

Independence was the watchword for the heating

The contemporary kitchen is equipped with high-quality appliances, even though it's owner very rarely cooks at home. The modern chandelier is an eye-catching centrepiece. The fireplace in the living room is equally modern and has only been lit twice since he moved in. He still wouldn't like to do without it though. Partly because he wants to be as independent as possible, should anything go wrong with the heating system. Pleasant underfloor heating, fed through a geothermal probe, was important to Remo Schnarwiler. His next project – adding solar panels and a photovoltaic system – is also fed by this desire for independence.

Remo Schnarwiler didn't want large windows, preferring narrow window bands, which he feels give him more privacy. When it came to the colour concept, he initially opted for white. "It's timeless and neutral, goes with anything and you don't get tired of looking at it." A touch of red here and there adds a splash of colour.

A wellness oasis at home

The large, opaque glass window high up on the stairwell is the same width as the corridor and lets in a lot of light. On the upper floor, modern wood ceilings create a warmand cosy atmosphere. Two bedrooms, each with access to the balcony, and a spacious bathroom with walk-in shower and adjacent dressing room take up one half of the building. The other half is given over to the wellness needs of the owner: a high-quality sauna, a relaxation zone with flatscreen TV and sunbed, a mini ice bath, steam shower and sheltered outdoor area/balcony with jacuzzi/hotspring and outdoor shower. Since treating himself to this luxury in his own home Remo Schnarwiler hasn't been on a wellness holiday. "I don't feel the need any more – I have everything here," he sums up. The sheltered south-east terrace is the ideal spot to spend warm evenings in the cosy rattan lounge or to enjoy a BBQ at the inviting dining table.

With a strong partner

Since Remo Schnarwiler – who likes to take his customers interests into account in his own work – wanted to know he had a true construction specialist at his side, he turned to general contractor Swisshaus. Here he knew he could get everything from a single source: advice, planning, execution and guarantee. The plans and blueprints he had drafted were scrutinised by professionals and modified accordingly. The structural analyses of the house by the engineer were likewise realised by Swisshaus, which also prepared the formalities for the building application. He has nothing but praise for site manager Theo Imfeld, whose accurate and straightforward manner, expertise and dedication impressed the client. The Swisshaus team in Hochdorf was happy to make his dream come true. The result can now also be presented to the school groups that will come to visit in future. He is happy to help out schools and radio presenters with his knowledge of Elvis, and is delighted at the great interest shown even all these years after the death of his idol. Elvis Presley would have turned 80 on 8 January 2015. The insurance agent is convinced that "the media is bound to celebrate this anniversary." The happy owner is already looking forward to his next projects.