A house on the hill – holidaying at home

When Ursula and Marcel Wyser signed the contract to build their dream home it was practically a Christmas present to themselves. Situated on a slope, with stunning views of the mountains and a much-used swimming pool, the couple really feel like they are holidaying at home.

Ursula and Marcel Wyser had actually planned to move from a rented apartment into a flat of their own. But they soon realised they could afford to build a house with the money they had budgeted for the project. The key factor was the location of their future home. On viewing the plot of the land, they knew: “This is it. We‘ll take it.“ The hillside location offered unbeatable views of the Säntis mountain. An outlook that convinced them, then and there. “It‘s my dream, and Swisshaus helped make it come true,“ confides a happy Ursula.

Let‘s get married

The couple stumbled across the general contractor on the internet. Shortly afterwards they had a first, pleasant meeting with their client advisor. From the many house ideas they looked at, they found Kala Grande the most inspiring. Neither of them wanted a modern “shoebox“. Instead, they were looking for something special in country-house style. Kala Grande fit the bill. Once they had made up their minds, sureverything happened quickly. A romantic marriage proposal on bended knee at the Stanglwirt hotel in Kitzbühl was followed by the signing of the building contract shortly before Christmas. Thanks to the competent support provided by Swisshaus, the young professionals were able to enjoy this exciting phase to the full. Groundbreaking ceremony in the morning, civil wedding ceremony in the evening – 17 June 2005 was an unforgettable day for Ursula and Marcel Wyser. Thus it was as a married couple that they moved into their new home the following December.

Simply free

The Mediterranean-style angled house nestles harmoniously into the hillside. The topography of the land means there are two levels on which to live and relax – inside and out. A must for the owners – their own pool in the garden. Situated right at their feet, it reminds them of the enjoyable view from a hotel room. Ursula and Marcel Wyser enjoy sunbathing and taking a cooling dip, and are happy to spend the summer holidays at home. “We‘re simply free to do as we like here,“ they both agree. Their quality of life has improved enormously thanks to their cosy home. The lady of the house is visibly proud of her realm. If the décor in the flat they used to rent was a bit dreary, the interior of their new home, with its the bright, friendly tones, is all the more resplendent. Floor tiles, sloped ceilings, the fireplace – the colour white dominates the entire house. Spotlights in the ceiling and an archway give the living area a friendly feel, adding a touch of summery flair. In the open kitchen with its dark granite counter tops and light surfaces, the mirrored back wall is an elegant and easy-to-care-for highlight. This is where Marcel Wyser, a dental hygienist with his own practice, gets down to work. Guests can watch the amateur chef prepare his dishes from the cosy stand-up bar.

Professional support

Other items on the couple‘s wish list were an open dressing room and a double garage on the slope. Requests that Swisshaus was happy to satisfy. Lovingly designed sur roundings that include a rockery and mood lighting create a magical ambience – particularly at twilight – and add the finishing touch to this private little paradise. “We have never regretted realising our dream,“ insists Ursula. “We really feel at home. It‘s just as it should be.“ Although they have no quibbles, with hindsight there are two things they would have done differently: planned to put in a lot more sockets and have music playing on the terrace. They feel they received good advice from the project manager. “We could rely on him at all times.“ They will not easily forget the regular information and continuous support they received. Thanks to which they didn‘t feel the construction period was a stressful phase – even though the couple visited the site every day, full of anticipation. They could barely wait to see the end result and are highly delighted with it. Now, whenever Ursula and Marcel Wyser are lying by the pool relaxing, it‘s like they are on holiday: “Totally relaxing and simply wonderful.“

“It‘s my dream, and Swisshaus helped make it come true.“

Ursula Wyser