A house to feel at home in

A generous floor layout, open-plan rooms, tasteful furnishings: In Rolf and Greth Berri’s house near Pfäffikon on lake Zurich, you feel completely at home right away. The first-time experience of building a house has left Rolf Berri in no doubt at all: «I would build with Swisshaus again any time.»

The Berris, whose children have long flown the nest, turned to the internet to find about potential providers of modular houses. Since Rolf Berri – by his own admission – hasn’t a clue about building houses and wanted to have as little to do with the process as possible, it was clear that a general contractor would have to be put in charge. The Berris very soon stumbled upon Swisshaus among a number of other providers. Their first step was make up their minds as to which house they wanted from the various brochures. No simple undertaking, until the couple came across the Kala Grande house concept by Swisshaus.

A Swisshaus architect met with the prospective homeowners to record their needs in detail. «We were very keen that our personal wishes and living preferences, but most of all my wife Greth’s good ideas, should be taken into account in the building plans,» Rolf Berri explains. «Very early on this was a further reason that clinched the decision in favour of Swisshaus. As we’d expected, their architecture department implemented our wishes exactly as we’d imagined them, substantially extending the floor plan and incorporating plenty of open space.»

The Berris are very pleased with the superb location with its amazing view, right on the lake, on a piece of land owned by the family since 1963. The large window in the living room was chosen deliberately. «Despite the size of the house, the window makes it look light,» Greth Berri adds. And something the satisfied homeowners weren’t at all sad to leave behind was the noise of passing aircraft at their old house. «Our new home offers us sheer quality of life,» they both agree.

Rolf Berri also enjoys quality of life in the large fitness room that they put in the cellar. «Without my daily training I only feel half as good,» he reveals with a grin. His wife, on the other hand, is not so keen on training in the cellar. To keep fit, she prefers to go for a walk and enjoys coming back to her new home in which her style and taste are reflected wherever you look. Not least, the family is also satisfied with their choice of heat pump solution that uses geothermal energy – «Simply fantastic,» says Rolf Berri.

When asked if they have any tips for other people wanting to build a house, the two homeowners are quick to respond: «We can thoroughly recommend building with Swisshaus. Swisshaus was there for us in every situation and, what’s more, they even took care of all the administrative work for us.»

I would build with Swisshaus again any time.

Rolf Berri