Accessible building – great freedom in your own home

Accessible building creates freedom of movement for physically handicapped people and older residents.

Stairlifts, wide corridors, stepless living areas – accessible building makes it possible for people to move around their own home freely without having to negotiate any steps. This includes designing constructions, fittings, outdoor areas and entrances in such a way that the residents can move around the house without barriers. Swisshaus can adapt your home completely to meet your needs: we can implement everything, from special facilities for older residents to wheelchair-accessible buildings. Your Swisshaus project manager incorporates your requests and needs in the plans and shows you the costs.

Possible accessible building measures

  • Stepless access to the house, wherever possible
  • Generous layouts
  • Broad door openings and corridors (the standard door width at Swisshaus is at least 80cm)
  • Easily reached handles and switches
  • Specially adapted facilities (bathroom, toilet, kitchen, cupboards, etc.)
  • Step-free interior (Swisshaus normally builds without doorsteps in living areas)
  • Broad staircases
  • Stairlift (seat or platform lift)

Age-appropriate or disabled building

The requirements for disabled building are considerable and have to be planned individually for each house. The main issue in age-appropriate building is to build an easily accessible house without the need to cross ridges or climb stairs all the time. Measures for older people, such as stairlifts, can be prepared and implemented later. Much can be planned from the outset in anticipation of future needs with little time or effort. This reduces the costs and benefits all residents – no matter what their physical restrictions.