Architect-designed houses – your customised house by Swisshaus

An architect-designed house is planned for you from A to Z: your ideas, dreams and wishes form the basis of a truly personal home. The limits are only set by the building plot, the laws and your budget.

Your home is always an expression of your personality and needs. That’s why the Swisshaus architect will tailor your house to your very own individual taste. Your lifestyle, ideas and requirements form are the foundations for the plan. The location, views and sunlight also play an important role in the planning of architect-designed houses. The building should blend in with its surroundings and use their advantages.

The freedom of an architect-designed house

An individually designed house means both the architect and the owner are free. Free to personally shape the house from the form of the building and the roof to the space assignment and the interior fittings. And free to determine the construction methods and materials. In an architect-designed house, the masonry, woodwork and glass can be integrated to suit the situation and your plans. The architect unites aesthetics, technology, and the craftwork with your needs.

The great freedom of an architect-designed house

The only planning limitations for you and your architect are defined by the nature and location of the plot, construction law regulations and your financial specifications. The Swisshaus architects take all of the requirements into consideration and develop the best possible house concept. As a general contractor, Swisshaus offers a comprehensive service from planning to realization – at a guaranteed fixed price. So that the architect-designed house will be your absolutely individual dream house.