Atriva in Aadorf TG

Angled house with a flat roof, 5 1/2 rooms and a gross floor area of 195 m2.

Total investment capital (rounded):

Atriva house (cellar incl.)CHF 551,400
Land in Aadorf (TG) incl. change of ownership costs and connection 1CHF 367,447
Related work 2CHF 65,900
Ancillary building costs 3CHF 40,050
TotalCHF 1,024,797


Investment capitalCHF 1,024,797
Equity capital 20%CHF 204,959
Effective mortgageCHF 819,838
1st fixed-rate mortgage 10 years*1.540%CHF 683,198CHF 10,521
2nd fixed-rate mortgage 5 years*1.120%CHF 136,640CHF 1,530
Amortisation of 2nd mortgage**15 years CHF 9,109
Running costs 40.75% CHF 7,686
Total overall cost per year  CHF 28,847
Total interest cost per year  CHF 12,052
Total cost per monthCHF 2,404
Interest cost per monthCHF 1,004


This example is based on an actual customer project. No responsibility is accepted for the correctness of the information.

*    Source: RAIFFEISEN 15.09.2016
**  Positive effect of amortisation on interest costs is not included here.
1    Connection: All utilities (electricity, water, drains, TV, telephone, etc.) and conduits from the house of the plot border
2    Related work: Seating areas, access, lawns, landscaping, etc.
3    Ancillary building costs: Permit fees, surveys, connection fees, insurance and building loan interest
4    Running costs: Operating costs (heating oil, gas, electricity, wood, etc.), public levies (water, waste, property tax, etc.), insurance (liability, fire, etc.), maintenance (repairs, garden and surroundings)