We build your Swisshaus to various designs

We allow you to choose between various designs. Brick or wood houses, an architect-designed home, Minergie standard or easy-access design: What will your dream home be like? You will find a summary here.

Brick houses

A house built brick by brick is a conventional, proven design. Brick houses are constructed using mineral building materials like bricks and concrete. Masonry and concrete provide soundproofing and a large reservoir for heat.

Wood houses

A wood house is both sustainable and environmentally friendly. As a low-energy structure, a house made of wood ensures a healthy living climate, provides warmth and can be built very quickly.

Architect houses

Swisshaus offers you a diverse range of house models. If you have other ideas, though, our architects are happy to draw up plans for your personal architect-designed home matching your personal wishes and desires.

Modular designs

The modular system used by Swisshaus is based on house models developed by our architects and costed by our experts. Modular houses are built brick by brick. Such designs are tried and tested, meaning that you can benefit from your building project being completed quickly.


The Minergie construction standard is intended for new and modernised buildings. Minergie is a concept that is supported by business, the cantons and the central government. This ensures that certification under the Minergie standard is protected from misuse. If requested, Swisshaus can provide you with a Minergie-compliant house with certified energy efficiency.

Easy-access design

Is easy-access design an important issue for you? We respond flexibly to your individual needs when planning your easy-access dream home. Step-free living areas and narrow corridors are things we consider important when planning your single-floor home. Our bungalows already facilitate convenient, easy-access living. But your Swisshaus architect would also be happy to design a house that meets your own personal needs.

Prefabricated houses

The modular concept employed by Swisshaus offers far more than just the ordinary benefits of the prefabricated design like simple, inexpensive construction. Our homes combine the benefits of both architect-designed and prefabricated houses.