Building on a hillside – Swisshaus has the solution

Building plots in a hillside location are full of opportunities and challenges. Swisshaus has many years of experience in building on hillside sites. All of our houses are suitable for building plots with a gentle incline. In the case of steep inclines, we design a house that makes the best possible use of the hillside location.

Hillside plots often offer plenty of sunshine, views and opportunities. For instance, a garage can be ideally placed in or next to the basement, thanks to the incline in the land. But building on a hillside also involves challenges. No problem: Swisshaus is capable of building on any type of hillside. All of the Swisshaus house models can be constructed on an incline of up to 20 per cent.

Building on steep inclines

If your building land is located on a steeper incline, Swisshaus offers you a suitable solution. In this case, what and how your house can be built depends on the house model and the building regulations. If the framework conditions of your plot are complex, we will develop a house project that makes clever use of the hillside site. After all, building plots with inclines offer interesting creative openings.

Demands on planning

house will lie above or below the building. Swisshaus also assesses the geology of the foundation ground and pays attention to the specific demands of the hillside site. In general, building on an incline is more expensive than on a piece of flat land, but it also offers the mentioned advantages. Simply consult your client advisor and project manager who are always ready to advise you. Simply contact us.