Swisshaus keeps the building process simple

Building a house is a pleasure. Swisshaus accompanies you step by step – from the first idea to handing over the key. In this way you master the challenges and benefit from security and quality.

As a general contractor, Swisshaus is your constant contact partner throughout every building phase. A professional team of experts, architects and project managers eases the way for you throughout the entire planning and construction of your house. You concentrate on the essentials. While we take care of the details.

1. Advice

The first step on the way to your dream house is a free consultation with your regional client advisor. Together you develop the desired house concept and consider the building land.

2. Building financing

You discuss the financing of your dream home with your regional client advisor. Thanks to our calculations you have the costs well under control.

3. Planning & building permission

Your house concept becomes reality: the Swisshaus project team starts with the project planning. In a personal conversation with your architect you discuss your house from the cellar to the roof. Your decisions, wishes and changes flow into the project. Then the plan is put in for building permission.

4. Samples & fittings

The same thing applies to sampling: we make your task as easy as possible. Your project manager accompanies you through the many decisions which give your house its individual character. You decide on everything, from the door handles to the roof tiles and the kitchen equipment.

5. Ground-breaking & construction phase

Your personal construction manager accompanies you during building. He organises, coordinates and inspects all of the work on the building site. You are always kept informed about the progress of the project. If any problems arise, he knows what needs to be done.

6. Handing over of the keys & guarantee

You’ve reached the goal: Your house is complete and you will soon move into your new life. Together with the construction manager you check to see if everything is right. After this, the 5-year guarantee begins. Swisshaus gives you an additional year’s guarantee for free.