Central vacuum cleaners – a clean and clever solution

Central vacuum cleaners are more hygienic, quieter and more practical than their conventional counterparts.

A central vacuum cleaner follows a very simple concept. As soon as the hose it attached to a vacuum socket anywhere in the house, the motor in the central appliance switches on automatically. Vacuum cleaning is almost silent as the motor is located in the tool room in the basement. The dust in a central vacuum cleaner is sucked into the central appliance together with the waste air. The particles are collected in the dust container and the waste air expelled into the open air through a filter.

Arguments for a central vacuum cleaner

  • No dust accumulates in the living rooms, unlike with conventional vacuum cleaners. This makes life more pleasant for asthmatics and allergy-sufferers, as dust and bacteria are sucked from the living rooms.
  • No need to carry vacuum cleaners up and down stairs.
  • The hose is easier to handle than with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Very good suction, as more powerful motors are used than with hand-held vacuum cleaners.
  • Quieter than conventional vacuum cleaners.

Advice from Swisshaus

We plan the positioning of the central appliance and sockets precisely with you. This makes sure that you can reach every corner of the house. Our goal is to offer you an inexpensive and sophisticated solution that does not break your budget. We take care of everything that is needed to set up your central vacuum cleaner. Here, too, collaboration with the general contractor Swisshaus is neat and tidy.