Dehumidifiers – good for both washing and home

If you want to dry your washing in the basement, it’s worth investing in a dehumidifier.

If you do your washing in a small laundry room, dry your washing in the basement or the exhaust air from the tumble-dryer is not conveyed out of the house, the high level of humidity in the basement can cause moisture to condense. In cases like these, Swisshaus recommends that you invest in a dehumidifier. This extracts moisture from the air and also the walls, thus preventing the formation of mould and other damage in your home. Another advantage: Your washing dries faster.

Various appliances

  • A mobile dehumidifier with integrated heating element can be connected to the mains, meaning that it can be set up in any room. The water is collected in a tank. Such an appliance is inexpensive and provides good dehumidifying performance.
  • Wall-mounted tumble-dryer: The moist ambient air condenses on cooling plates in the appliance and so is dehumidified. The air is heated again and blown into the drying room. The water extracted from the air can flow into a container or directly down the drain.

Drying like in fresh air

Tumble-dryers ensure that the air circulates in the drying room, thus helping the washing to dry like in the wind and sun. Modern appliances are energy-efficient and available with heat recovery. Discuss the advantages and cost of a dehumidifier with your project manager to obtain competent advice. Your home and your washing will thank you.