Gentilia Grande

Gentilia Grande

The Gentilia Grande allows larger families to live in 5½ rooms over two floors. There is plenty of space for the older generation in the stair-free 2½-room apartment. The Gentilia models are particularly cheap to maintain as both parties share the central heating. The installed soundproofing complies with the regulations for two separate apartments, allowing everyone to enjoy their own personal realm. Just as well conceived is the large gallery on the top floor leading to a 26sqm terrace. A light-filled bay completes the open-plan room concept.

Our standard

  • Earthquake-proofing for zones Z1 + Z2
    according to SIA 261 standard
  • Heat insulation according to MuKEn
  • Air/water heat pump
  • Underfloor heating
  • Personalised fittings
  • Washing machine
  • Built locally, brick by brick
  • Window/French door elements
    with triple glazing
  • Brick or wood construction
  • Low-level furniture in main bathroom
  • Cellar walls 25cm thick
  • Letterbox

Our services

  • Guaranteed fixed price
  • Individual planning
  • Turnkey house
  • Financing advice
  • Quality and branded products
  • Quality control before expiry
    of the two-year warranty
  • Binding deadlines and exact
    cost control
  • Building land identification
  • Architecture consulting
  • Construction planning
  • Construction management
  • Construction execution
  • Additional 1-year warranty
    for hidden defects
  • Professional advice on interior design

Basic model

Apartment unit 1

210m2Gross floor area GF/FF

Apartment unit 2

82m2Gross floor area GF/FF
Massive brick construction From CHF 761'200.– (For both residential units)
Wood house From CHF 784'000.– (For both residential units)

Price including statutory VAT

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Special features of the house model

Apartment unit 1


  • 2 wet rooms
  • Kitchen with cooking island
  • Gallery
  • Storage room
  • Open living area
  • Room open to gable


  • Rooftop terrace
  • Separate entrance
  • Direct garden access


  • Large windows partially with parallel sliding-and-tilting doors
  • Separate consumption counters
  • Corner glazing
  • Panoramic glass façade

Apartment unit 2


  • Kitchen
  • Storage room
  • 1 wet room


  • Separate entrance
  • Direct garden access


  • Large windows partially with parallel sliding-and-tilting doors
  • Separate consumption counters


Swisshaus uses exclusively top quality and branded products when it builds. Our suppliers and building partners stand for quality that will give pleasure for years to come. After all, this is what matters to us.

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Optional fittings

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