Dreamhouse in country-house-style

Buchberg is by any account an extraordinary place: though it is actually located in the Canton of Zurich, the picturesque village forms a small exclave of the Canton of Schaffhausen. The idyllic, sunny plateau affords magnificent views across the beautiful Rhine landscape. The ideal place for a prestigious property.

If you’re wanting to visit Buchberg, prepare for quite an uphill climb first. Once you’re there, the village’s winding main street takes you past many old but very well preserved timber-framed houses – you almost feel yourself transported back to the olden days, when people still travelled by horse and cart and business was conducted in the taverns. The elaborately decorated façades of some buildings bear witness to this era.

Today Buchberg is a small, quiet village known above all for its fine wine. The five vineyards, which cover an area of some 22 hectares, are cultivated by almost 40 active vineyard owners. The uncommonly beautiful location has led to a lot of construction activity in the village in recent years. Outsiders from the Canton of Zurich in particular have made the charming village their home.

Finding a dream plot

The B. family have lived in Buchberg for quite some time. But with their two children, their apartment in the centre of the village was beginning to feel a bit cramped. When the far-sighted dad of the family heard that a piece of building land was up for sale in one of the most beautiful parts of Buchberg, he decided at once to buy it. «I knew that I wanted to build right here!» he recalls. The 850 m² of building land is quite a prize – particularly when you know that no-one else will be allowed to build around the house!

For the parents it was clear right from the start that they wanted to stay in the village with their family: «Both we and our children love living here. You really feel like you’re out in the country, and yet you’re in Zurich or Schaffhausen in no time at all.» And they have always dreamed of a house of their own. A dream that has now come true with Swisshaus.

The right place for a premium house

There can hardly be a more fitting place for a prestigious villa than the sunny terraces of Buchberg. «We didn’t want an ordinary house. If we were going to build our own home, then it would have to be something special,» the dad, a businessman, explains. Although they had initially wanted to build a modern flat-roofed house, this was not permitted by the building regulations in Buchberg.

Which is why they opted for a country-house-style villa: Kala Grande. The prestigious architecture with over 200 m² of living space, the elegantly angled room layout and the attractive garden patio – it all exudes a generous and yet homely charm. The proud new homeowners give me a room-by-room tour of their personal kingdom. One thing that immediately stands out: the colours black and white dominate. The exquisitely furnished interior underscores the prestigious character of the house – from the impressive chandeliers in the stairwell, to the superb Bose sound system in the living area, to the modern, open-plan kitchen with its exquisite black granite worktops, everything is perfectly coordinated. You get the feeling that design and quality are very important here.

Individual wishes fulfilled

Just as impressive as the generous room furnishings is the professional lighting concept that can be individually adjusted to suit any mood and extends into the garden. No question, this was the work of a professional. Likewise, when it comes to home entertainment, only the best was good enough: the Bose sound system can be controlled throughout the house, meaning that Mr B. can listen to his favourite music even in the shower. «We told each other that we wouldn’t make any compromises when we built a house. After all, it was to be our dream home. So that was the standard we pursued right from the word go,» he explains with resolve. Although the Kala Grande is already very well appointed in the standard version, the inclusion of numerous custom details and options was important for the family.

The fireplace, for example, was one of the customer’s explicit requests. Likewise the entire multimedia infrastructure: the interior was planned in such a way that now no cables are visible anywhere in the living area. «Since we’ve owned our dream home, we really do spend more time at home,» the wife observes. «Here nobody can interfere, we can simply enjoy every day.» And even the youngest member of the family offered the shy contribution that it is «much nicer» here than where they used to live.

«This is where our dream came true.»

Family B.