Earthquake-proofing when building a house

The risk of an earthquake damaging the house can be reduced if new-builds are constructed with earthquake-proofing from the start. With Swisshaus, earthquake-proofing is already included in the basic design in zone Z1 + Z2.

New buildings are designed, planned and constructed to withstand earthquakes in accordance with the relevant SIA standards. The architect and engineer cooperate closely on the process. This means that architectural and safety issues can be clarified at an early stage.

Since the relevant SIA 260 and following structural standards for new-builds were introduced in 2003, load-bearing structures can be designed and engineered in accordance with modern earthquake regulations so as to ensure a high level of safety.

The earthquake-proofing and vulnerability of a given building are essentially determined by the design plans, static calculations, structural and engineering designs, and correct execution of the building work. In this context, the cost of complying with the earthquake regulations amounts to less than 1% of the total building cost.

The best possible earthquake-proofing is provided by a robust load-bearing structure. This is necessary to absorb the lateral seismic forces.

It hardly needs saying that all Swisshaus houses comply with the statutory earthquake-proofing regulations in zones Z1 + Z2. Our house models are modified by the Swisshaus architects in line with the relevant earthquake zones, building land classes and building classes. Do you want to know in which cantonal earthquake zone your building land is located? You will find a map providing more information here.