Finally, a place to call home

This house has become a true family home. Apple, pear and cherry trees grow in the garden, and inside everything has been designed just as Gisela Santschi and Andreas Brauchli want. Clear forms, space and lots of sunshine help create a happy mood.

"We have finally found a place to call home," says Gisela Santschi as she glances round the room. She has moved house many times in her life so far. But now priority goes to being a family and to living. Together with her partner Andreas Brauchli and their two daughters, she finally made her long-held wish of owning a home come true. Having a place of their own is important as it gives the family space – and land, on which they grow fruit and veg. "Just open the kitchen door and start harvesting," is the passionate gardener‘s motto. "It‘s a great feeling."

Child-friendly planning

Gisela Santschi and Andreas Brauchli spent around oneand-a-half years looking for the right piece of land. After all that time, when they finally stood on what is now their property, they instantly knew: this is the one. The transport connections are good and there is a school nearby for the children. When planning their home, the family was always at the back of their minds: each child has its own bedroom, the floor tiles on the ground floor are easy to clean. And the open-plan kitchen – an idea they got from their last rented apartment – means the mother-of-two can always see what the little ones are up to. An additional safety feature – lockable windows throughout the house and window bars in the basement.

Not ‚flatroof types‘

The clients other wish was for a house with clear lines and spaces. "We‘re not ‚flatroof types‘ at all," says Gisela Santschi. A traditional house with a gable roof was what the couple envisaged from the outset. The environmentally conscious clients had the foresight to install empty conduits for a solar heating system and built the house to Minergie standards. The comfort ventilation can be individually regulated for each room – something they learned from their previous rented apartment, where that was not possible. "But I still open the windows to let in fresh air out of habit," says the laughing mother.

Subtle colours, artistic decoration

In the kitchen area, the dark granite worktops and beech veneer panelling catch the eye. Unlike the other parts of the house, a consensus was quickly reached here. A Scandinavian wood burner links the dining area and lounge, with its comfy sofas. As elsewhere in the house, the owners made sure that the colours used in the dining area are subtle and coordinated. The artistic mother adds striking highlights with her own craft creations, such as the glass picture frames and other accessories. "The living room could be a bit bigger," she now finds. But the family is otherwise very happy with its home.

Need for security

It‘s also happy with the service it received from Swisshaus AG. As neither of them are building professionals, the couple wanted a general contractor to guide them through the construction process. A brother-in-law gave good reports of his own experience with Swisshaus. This, and their confidence in its good name, sealed the decision to go with the company. The young couple had a great need for security, especially in relation to finances, and wanted the costs to be capped in advance. They both felt they were in good hands, there were no problems with the tradesmen and only a few guarantee cases.

They can do what they like

"We have created a house in which we really feel at home. We have everything we need: space and lots of sunshine. To us, that‘s luxury," says Gisela Santschi. They have more independence than in a rented flat, can arrange things as they like without always having to ask. And the children can run about outside the house as much as they like. The house is simply fantastic. And so too is family life: "Having a family means constantly facing new challenges, but also lots of happy times."

"We have created a house in which we really feel at home."

Gisela Santschi