Fireplaces – popular tradition, comforting warmth

A crackling fire will always impart cosiness and warmth. Fireplaces and stoves come in any number of variants.

Fireplaces and stoves can be placed pretty much wherever the owner wants – against the wall, in a corner or in the middle of a room. As the owner, you can choose between various materials: granite, marble, soapstone, stainless steel, tiles, glass and so on. The designs have also become more contemporary. Swisshaus offers various fireplaces and stoves. Our building partners integrate and build your fireplace in line with your expectations. Your project manager will let you know about the conditions. The chimney required for the fireplaces and stoves is included in the basic price of some house models and is an optional extra in others.

The various types of stove

  • Wood burners (stove): These consist of a metal housing that can be encased in tiles or stone.
  • Fireplaces (open fireplace): A distinction is made between classical, open fireplaces without a closable combustion chamber and open fireplaces with a heating function and ceramic glass front. A system supplying fresh air to the house must be installed.
  • Tiled stoves (storage heater): These are available in various forms ranging from classical tiled stove through to hot air tiled stove. Tiled stoves store the heat and release it as mild radiation. A system supplying fresh air to the house is required.

Stoves for heating

The classical, open fireplace requires a lot of air and has a low level of heating efficiency. Modern systems, on the other hand, ensure low levels of pollution and high levels of heating efficiency. Storage heaters with heat exchanger (hot air tiled stoves), for example, are suitable for use in well-insulated homes to heat several rooms or the whole house, or to supplement the primary heating system.

Stove typeHeating efficiency
Open fireplace5 %
Fireplace with ceramic glass front20 %
Hot-air fireplace with ceramic glass front and heat exchanger60 %
Wood burner75 %
Tiled stove80 %