Garage or carport – the home for the car

Your car also needs a home. You have the choice between closed garage and open carport.

The garage – an important refuge for more than just the car. Bicycles and motor bikes, garden equipment and furniture or car tyres often find shelter there. There are many different possible options for garages and carports; here are just a few examples:

  • Free-standing or attached to the building
  • On the ground floor or underground (custom garages only)
  • Single or double garage/carport
  • With electric or manual garage door in various materials
  • With windows, doors, electrical and water connections
  • Flat or pitched roof, terrace over the garage

The various options

  • Individual garages: These are made from concrete or masonry. Their size, shape and appearance can be adapted to meet your requirements.
  • Prefab garages: The standard version is the cheapest option. Prefab garages are available in various different sizes. The appearance can be adapted to match the appearance of the house.
  • Carports: These are an open car parking space made out of wood and concrete, for instance, that can be partly enclosed at the side. Carports have evolved into modern construction features.

The following ideas are important for owners

As the owner, you determine how many cars/items need to be accommodated in the garage or carport and anything else that is important to you. Everything else is best discussed with your customer advisor and your project manager, who can give you competent advice and know all about minimum spaces, building permits and designs. Swisshaus helps you with everything from planning and submitting the planning application through to construction itself. Garages and carports are not generally included in the house prices.