Gardens – design your own paradise

Rockery, play area or pond? Every garden is different.

Swisshaus would be happy to arrange the garden for you, upon request. You will find innumerable ideas for your own, personal garden in gardening books and magazines as well as at garden shows. The crucial question is what you want to use it for: as a flower or kitchen garden, maybe, or for relaxing and playing? Or perhaps you would prefer an open garden or one protected from the eyes of curious neighbours. The options are practically limitless. A multi-functional house garden that covers many needs is often the right solution.

Questions about your garden

  • What should be planted in the garden?
    Lawn, flowerbed, trees and bushes, vegetable or herb garden, etc.
  • Where and how should seating areas and paths be built?
    Flagstones, concrete slabs, wooden decking, etc.
  • Are walls or abutments planned?
    As a privacy screen, design element, necessary because of hillside location, etc.
  • Do you want privacy screening, hedges or fences?
  • Are a swimming pool, biotope, pond, swimming pond, pool, stream or water feature on your wish list?
  • Is landscape gardening required or wanted?
  • What about play equipment for children?
    Swing, slide, playhouse, sandpit, etc.
  • Do you want to set up part of the garden as a rockery?
  • What should be included to help with gardening or housework?
    Toolshed, washing lines, compost corner, etc.
  • Are you interested in extras like a pergola, pavilion, garden lights or barbeque pit?

Your wishes and the requirements of the property – such as the size or location – affect the possible layouts. Your project manager can plan and organise the garden design for you if you wish and puts you in touch with our competent garden partners. The design of the garden is not included in the house price and must be budgeted separately.