Ground-breaking & construction phase – your house is being built

Your personal construction manager accompanies you during building. He organises, coordinates and inspects all of the work on the building site. You are always kept informed about the progress of the project. If any problems arise, he knows what needs to be done.

As soon as building permission has been received, your dream home becomes a visible reality. The ground-breaking ceremony marks the start of construction – it’s an exciting moment. You and the construction manager fix the date for this. If possible, and if you so wish, you can scoop out the first piece of earth with the excavator and raise your glasses together to celebrate the day. When the excavation is finished and the drainage pipes are laid, the builders cement the foundations and cellar. The house grows and what you planned and decided over the months quickly takes and visible shape.

The construction manager takes care of everything

The project manager hands over your house project to the coordinating construction manager before the ground-breaking ceremony. He is responsible for all of the work on the building site. He schedules and oversees the entire building process and the craftsmen. The construction manager records his building site visits in the construction log book. He regularly informs you by phone or e-mail about construction progress, or he meets you on the building site. This is where questions are clarified, and you gain insights into the complex world of house construction. The construction manager also knows what to do if anything unexpected happens and solves any problems quickly and competently.

The house shell

In the case of solid construction houses, the shell is complete after about 3 months. The house is finished to the roof and the windows can be installed. Work now includes basic installations, such as plumbing, electrical and heating fittings. When the floor underlay is complete, the construction manager can give you a binding date for the handover of the house. The procedure is different with Swisshaus wood houses: All of the wooden elements are prefabricated in factory halls. As soon as the cellar is finished, the carpenters install the elements in one to two days.

Interior construction: laying floors, plastering, painting

During interior construction you will meet all kinds of craftsmen in your future home. They mount door frames, lay ceramic tiles and do plastering and painting. And now, as the kitchen is installed, you can see what it looks like in reality. The heating, plumbing and electrical fittings now reach completion. Parallel to this, the craftsmen apply the external insulation and complete the façade. External venetian blinds, shutters and drainpipes are also installed. Finally, the craftsmen lay the laminated or parquet flooring and hang the doors. The excitement of moving in to your new home mounts.

For your own security: Insurance policies

Before it begins, you need to take out 3 insurance policies to cover the construction phase. Your project manager will advise you in good time. The construction phase policy insures the building during the construction phase and comes into effect e.g. in case of fire or natural disaster (such as storm damage). The owner’s liability insurance covers everything that could harm a third party, such as accidents on your piece of land. And the civil engineering risks insurance covers building damage from unknown cause. It is similar to comprehensive car insurance. In this way, you are fully covered for the construction phase, and then comes the next milestone: the handing over of the keys & guarantee.