Handing over of the keys & guarantee – the house belongs to you

You’ve reached the goal: Your house is complete and you will soon move into your new life. Together with the construction manager you check to see if everything is right. After this, the 5-year guarantee begins. Swisshaus gives you an additional year’s guarantee for free.

To ensure that everything is right, your construction manager organises the preliminary acceptance of your new home about 2 weeks before the handing over of the keys and the house. This enables the craftsmen to rectify any incomplete details in the still empty house and put the finishing touches to their work. Soon afterwards you will be moving into your new home. And to help you plan this important event in detail and in good time, Swisshaus provides you with a checklist and useful tips for the move.mzug.

Building acceptance and handing over of the keys

You’ve waited excitedly for so long, and now the great day has arrived. A cause to celebrate: Your project team organises an aperitif for the handing over of the keys and the house. Beforehand, you and your construction manager go through every room in the house to check the work of all the craftsmen. Are there any scratches on the floor? Do the windows open with ease? Do all the kitchen appliances work? During this inspection you record any possible defects in the house acceptance protocol (handover protocol). This is then signed by you and the construction manager.

Guarantee period and acceptance

After the building has been accepted the Swisshaus guarantee obligations begin. The guarantee period (complaint period) lasts for 2 years. As the owner, you can report things at any time, such as a crack in the plasterwork. The complaints are collected and put in order by the end of the guarantee period. Defects which can lead to additional damages must be reported immediately. This applies to such things as water damage. Swisshaus invites you to the guarantee acceptance in good time before the end of the 2-year guarantee period. The construction manager then enters any complaints about defects in the protocol, and they are then rectified by the craftsmen.

Additional guarantee for hidden defects

After the guarantee period has finished, Swisshaus also bears liability for hidden defects for another 4 years. The law stipulates only 3 years, but Swisshaus gives you 1 extra year‘s guarantee. Hidden defects are defects that could not be detected during the 2-year guarantee period, or only emerged later. Again, this might be a crack in the plastering which only became visible later. You must report such defects immediately. Defects resulting from insufficient building maintenance or wear and tear are excluded from the whole of the 6-year Swisshaus guarantee.

Advice after completion

We think long-term: You can approach Swisshaus at any time with questions concerning your house. Even after the construction phase and guarantee period are over, we still provide a competent advice service for our customers. At the handover of the house we provide you with valuable information and tips for the care and preservation of your new home. We also provide advice about insurance for the time after the building has been completed. Because it is important to us that you enjoy your new life in your new home.

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