Heating – pleasant warmth

You can opt for the heating system you prefer. An energy-efficient air/water heat pump is one of the basic features in all houses built by Swisshaus.

Heat pumps operate quietly and efficiently. Low heating bills and operating costs help to boost cost-effectiveness. Air/water heat pumps extract free heat from the ambient air and use this to heat the house or warm up water. Swisshaus has opted for the environmentally friendly, energy-saving air/water heat pump heating system with a low-temperature underfloor heating system for distribution as the basic version for its houses.

Overview of other heating systems

  • Brine/water heat pump: This type of system uses a geothermal probe to extract heat from the earth. Depending on local geological conditions, it is not possible to sink the necessary deep borehole everywhere and in some cases such systems require approval.
  • Water/water heat pump: This type of system uses groundwater as a source of energy, similarly requiring a deep borehole.
  • Wood/pellet heating: This type of system burns firewood, pellets or wood chips. Wood is a climate-neutral, renewable raw material.
  • Oil heating: Oil is a proven fuel that requires a tank in the basement or underground. The price of heating oil fluctuates and the fuel is not carbon-neutral.
  • Natural gas heating: Heating with natural gas is efficient and clean. The price of gas fluctuates and the fuel is not carbon-neutral. A local gas supply and a connection to the house are required.
  • District heating: The house must be connected to a district heating network, which is only possible in some places. District heating is good for the environment and comes from the local area.
  • Solar energy: Heat pumps and wood, oil and gas heating systems can be combined very well with solar systems.

Combining heating systems

Which combination of heating system is the right one for you depends on a number of factors. You can discuss this with your customer advisor or project manager. Swisshaus includes the air/water heat pump in the basic price. Other heating systems may entail additional cost.