Home automation – controlling the house

A home automation system controls household systems around the house and automates functions that are needed by the residents

A modern home automation system is installed for three reasons: the intelligent connection of technical equipment makes the life of the residents more convenient, reduces energy consumption and increases security. Thus, home automation can be used to regulate the room temperature and control everything, from the lighting scenarios and shutter systems through to the remote control of the burglar alarm – no matter whether you’re out shopping or lying on the beach. The lights, heating, blinds, multimedia, security and other systems are connected to create a networked infrastructure that can be operated from a single control.

Typical functionalities

  • Automation: Lighting, shutters, heating, ventilation, motorised windows
  • Coordination: Heating monitoring, optimised lighting conditions, presence-optimised ventilation
  • Security: Simulated presence, motion sensor with alarm function in the event of absence
  • Communications and monitoring: Remote control in the house, external access using secure internet connection, communication of system messages and alarms by text message or email, graphical presentation of metered data, energy-saving display

Planning home automation in a new house

You, the owner, decide exactly how far you want to go with the network. The idea, after all, is for you to feel comfortable in your own home. The way that home automation is realised is clearly derived from your needs and your financial means. We at Swisshaus advise you, the owner, and plan your home automation system with the assistance of an expert. We work with experienced specialists for implementation.