Mains cutoffs – the solution for healthy sleep

Cutoffs disconnect the power supply as soon as a device is not in operation, thus minimising electrosmog.

Cutoffs are often used in bedrooms. The function of a cutoff is to mechanically disconnect the mains supply after the last power-consuming device has been switched off. The precondition for the electricity to be disconnected is that no devices are switched on – not even in standby mode. These might include:

  • Radio alarm clocks
  • Bedside lights
  • TVs
  • Water beds

When an electrical device is used again, the mains cutoff ensures that the electricity is immediately restored and the normal power supply reconnected.

No electrosmog with cutoffs

If the power supply is disconnected, places like bedrooms and children’s rooms are less heavily affected by electromagnetic fields. According to experts and manufacturers alike, cutting off the electricity supply promotes healthy sleep. But this also means that mobile phones should not be left next to the bed overnight either. If you want to install cutoffs in your bedrooms, this needs to be included in the plans by way of a separate electric circuit.

Support from your project manager

Let your project manager know in good time if you are considering a mains cutoff so that you can receive the right expert support. This means that the plans can be modified to ensure that the electrical installations are enhanced to reduce interference or a grid cutoff incorporated. You should include the expense of this option in your budget.