Modern cube ensemble with open porch

The new white building with the flat roof and large windows situated near the Swiss border is both low-key and extravagant. The open porch – or loggia – attached to one side and the double garage attached to the other give the building an exciting, out-of-the-ordinary look.

That‘s just how it is supposed to be. Because individuality and refinement were right at the top of Andreas and Katja Lubetz‘s wish list when planning their dream home. That‘s why they invested quite a lot of time in the process, discussing all the possibilities, including them in their plans and sketching designs. Some ideas were taken into consideration then dropped again. But two points remained of importance throughout: they wanted, firstly, to separate the kitchen from the living room in an attractive fashion and, secondly, to make the best possible use of the remaining space. When the family eventually grows, there should still be enough space for everyone. Without compromises having to be made.

All the effort was worthwhile

The detached house on a 750 m2 plot of land has been well thought out, right down to the very last detail – including the heating and plant room on the ground floor. Take for example the passageway from the corridor through said room to the small, covered shelter and garage at the back of the house. Cables for a future solar water heating system, which should cover all the household‘s hot water needs in summer, have already been laid. In addition to which, the controlled ventilation system guarantees a pleasant indoor climate throughout the house all year round – also relieving the household budget. The highquality wooden flooring in every room gives the place a pleasant, warm feel. This was the idea of the lady of the house, who likes to unwind by painting pictures in her free time. The warm brown of the flooring and the white of the walls is a colour concept repeated throughout the house, creating a wonderfully harmonious picture.

An upstairs full of possibilities

The first floor also demonstrates how the owners built their home with the future in mind. The guest-cum-ironing room is connected with what is currently the gifted artist‘s studio by a small, dual-access bathroom. These two rooms will eventually become kids territory, with direct access to the children’s bathroom. The master bedroom has a cleverly integrated, walk-in dressing room with direct access to its own exquisitely furnished bathroom. This is a great place to relax and enjoy a spot of undisturbed wellness. A skylight in the central hall provides sufficient daylight and ambience.

Clever ideas downstairs

As well as an office and guest WC, the ground floor also accommodates the plant room because the owners deliberately decided not to have a cellar. An original detail that is most likely to be noted by female visitors on entering the house: the cloakroom has a cupboard especially for handbags – lots of handbags. One of Katja Lubetz‘s great passions. An elegant use of storage space is also to be found under the waterfall staircase in the middle of this floor, which separates the open kitchen/dining area from the light-filled living quarters. When the couple fancy a quiet, relaxing evening in front of the fire or the TV, they can close off the kitchen from the living area via an inconspicuous sliding door. Clever and, at the same time, practical. In creating this individual, single-family home, the Austrian couple put their trust fully and completely in Swisshaus. "We came up with a list of requirements we wanted to see realised in our dream home. Swisshaus was the only general contractor to include every single one of our requests in its planning and to actually implement them," says Andreas Lubetz, explaining the choice of Swisshaus as construction partner. "And when it came down to it, we listened to our gut instincts. We simply had a good feeling about building our dream home with Swisshaus," adds the keen sportsman, who trains the local youth in cycle ball in his spare time.

Simple decision to build dream home

The married couple is proud of their new home. Thanks also to the quality-aware local tradesmen hired by Swisshaus for this construction project. "We both grew up in a house and know it has many advantages. So we never gave any thought whatsoever to buying a flat," is how Katja Lubetz explains their decision to build a place of their own. The couple has thus come full circle – both grew up in a house and now they have built one. Neither of them is willing to trade the quality of life and style of living it offers.

"Swisshaus was the only contractor able to cater to our every need."

Andreas und Katja Lubetz