Modular houses from Swisshaus

A modular house combines the benefits of both the architect-designed house and the prefabricated house. This house idea serves as the basis for a home of your very own.

Proven planning, well thought-out floor plans, routine construction sequences – a modular house is a ready planned, tried-and-tested, ingenious house idea. You benefit from Swisshaus's many years of experience in building homes while saving time, money and effort on planning. Modular houses are prototypes or basic ideas for residential property.

Modular construction ensures individuality

Nevertheless, a modular house does not come "off the peg". The Swisshaus architects take your wishes and requirements into consideration. We sit down with you to plan your individual house, tailored to your plot of land. In addition, you will find that Swisshaus offers you a wide variety of architectural styles – from modern Bauhaus to country house.

Constructed brick by brick

As a general contractor, Swisshaus provides clients with the full range of services – from planning to the handing over of keys – from a single source. All our houses are built directly on sight, brick by brick, using solid construction techniques or are erected by our timber construction partners using prefabricated wooden elements. We will be happy to advise you.