Multi-family house at the foot of Mount Pizol

The Laim family have realised their dream of a multi-family house in Wangs. In the rural area around Mount Pizol, everything you need to live can be found close to the quiet residential district.

This means children can walk to the local school and kindergarten. And if a trip up the mountain is on the agenda, the Pizol cable car is literally just around the corner, 15 minutes walk away. Mainly young couples and families with children live in the multi-family house with four apartments. The Laims had acquired the building land for the major project from family ownership some years previously. One argument in favour of buying was the excellent location with top infrastructure for families.

Individual details in every apartment

With this foundation, very large, light and airy apartments were constructed to very high specifications. Personal requests were also implemented, with each apartment featuring a wooden wall built with ancient timbers reclaimed from an old stable. The kitchens and built-in wardrobes were installed by the carpentry firm Marx. The owners were extremely keen for the apartments to be equipped with built-in wardrobes. All in all, the apartments are each built to the same standard and comfort level.

High quality fittings and naturally lit bathrooms

In addition, all the dwellings were built with large bathrooms and showers enjoying natural light. Tiled floorings have been laid in the living rooms, stairwell, kitchens and bathrooms to give touch of luxury with their slate-like finish. What's more, all the rooms have been kitted out with a multimedia socket.

Top project planning by Swisshaus

After buying the plot of land, the Laims started looking for a general contractor. Besides doing their own online research, they also asked friends and colleagues who had similarly built their own homes. The owners have not regretted the decision to ask Swisshaus to carry out the multi-family house project. "Swisshaus simply drew up the best project plans, including garages and room layouts. And in terms of the price, Swisshaus was also very competitive," Jacqueline Laim enthuses.

To help them prepare before starting to build, the Laims also viewed other client houses to gain some initial impressions. Their demands for a brick-built, stable construction featuring modern, contemporary architecture were met in full by Swisshaus. "Collaboration with the general contractor went very well from start to finish. Everything was always organised to perfection by Swisshaus."

Fast, efficient construction

Another requirement that the Laims expressed to the architect was that the apartments should be well soundproofed. The Swisshaus architect was able to integrate all the owners' wishes. Thanks to the smooth advance planning, the Laims did not have to accept any compromises during construction later. It was also possible to include their own ideas in the plans. There was nothing that the owners had to forgo and the subsequent construction phase similarly went smoothly. The multi-family house took just 15 months to build, from initial contact with Swisshaus through to handover.

A new quality of life

Emotional occasions always occur when building your own home. For Jacqueline Laim, the moment came when the old building was knocked down and building work on the new project could start. The Laims are very satisfied with the results and the new quality of life they have gained. "Not only has our quality of life risen sharply. We now also have lots more space and it's much quieter than in the old apartment," the owner gushes. "It's an absolute dream house. The design is simple, beautiful and modern. We would certainly choose to build with Swisshaus again."

"Collaboration with the general contractor went very well from start to finish. Everything was always organised to perfection by SWISSHAUS."

Jacqueline Laim, owner