Multimedia – the right network for your new home

Multimedia cabling enables you to enjoy music, TV, radio, telephone, internet and computer networks in any room.

Multimedia cabling forms nothing other than a home network. As it is included in the plans and installed in the walls, the only parts of it that are visible are the multimedia sockets. The home-wiring system prevents cable spaghetti and the electrosmog caused by wireless solutions. It consists of a central router and multimedia sockets connected to it in various rooms in a star-shaped pattern.

Diverse uses

Standardised multimedia cabling facilitates the unlimited use of existing and future communications solutions:

  • Home computer network
  • Digital TV with video-on-demand
  • Internet radio
  • Games consoles with internet connection
  • High-speed internet
  • Music in all rooms
  • Analogue and internet phone
  • and so on

The cabling can also be used as the basis for home automation to control lights, blinds, CCTV systems and the like.

Important to plan ahead with multimedia systems

Building a house gives you the chance to prepare for the future. The precondition for future-proof, structured cabling is precise planning before construction starts. Swisshaus helps you to take the first step in the future of multimedia living. Your project manager plans the multimedia cabling together with you. The multimedia system is included in the basic price of a few house models, although it is optional with most houses and hence entails additional costs.