Optional and individual fittings with Swisshaus

Do you have any special requests for fittings? We are happy to integrate any optional or individual fittings in your home.


Multimedia cabling enables you to enjoy music, TV, radio, telephone, internet and computer networks in any room.

Home automation

A home automation system controls household systems around the house and automates functions that are needed by the residents.

Central vacuum cleaners

Central vacuum cleaners are more hygienic, quieter and more practical than their conventional counterparts.

Washing chutes

A washing chute takes your washing straight to the laundry room, where it is collected in a basket.


Busy streets, railway lines or a close airport – Swisshaus knows a variety of soundproofing measures.


Whirlpool, sauna, steam shower – it is possible to have your own personal wellness zone in any house.


Rockery, play area or pond? Every garden is different.


Your car also needs a home. You have the choice between closed garage and open carport.


If you want to dry your washing in the basement, it’s worth investing in a dehumidifier.

Using rainwater

It is possible to use rainwater in the garden and toilet instead of drinking water.


A crackling fire will always impart cosiness and warmth. Fireplaces and stoves come in any number of variants.


Householders can minimise the risk of burglary by doing the right things and taking appropriate precautions.


You can opt for the heating system you prefer. An energy-efficient air/water heat pump is one of the basic features in all houses built by Swisshaus.

Solar energy

Solar energy is freely available, sustainable and environmentally neutral; it also attracts public subsidies.

Ventilation systems

A ventilation system constantly replaces the ambient air.

Mains cutoffs

Cutoffs disconnect the power supply as soon as a device is not in operation, thus minimising electrosmog.

Water purification

Use a water-purification system to free your home from hard water, as limescale deposits damage your household appliances.