Partners – quality products and strong partners

Swisshaus exclusively uses brand-name and quality products. In this respect, reliable suppliers and partner enterprises are important to us. We cultivate our long-standing and proven partnerships. This all serves the objective that your dream home is a success.

Electrical appliances

Electrolux, 8048 Zürich

«The partnership between Swisshaus and Electrolux AG is a success story that has endured for years. Swisshaus has confidence in our Swiss products from the Canton of Glarus and in the quality of the Electrolux household appliances. We are pleased to have Swisshaus as a competent partner that repeatedly provides us with impulses for new product ideas. This partnership gives Swisshaus clients the certainty that they have made the right choice for their own new home by Swisshaus.»

Thomas Müggler, Regional Sales Director for East Switzerland


Hans Eisenring AG, 8370 Sirnach

«25 years ago, I decided to start building top quality kitchens for discerning customers under the Hans Eisenring brand. The company has evolved from a one-man show into one of the leading Swiss vendors in the kitchen market with more 170 employees. A very special partnership with Swisshaus started in 1998. We both pursue a single goal: satisfied customers. This has become a genuine success story. A huge store of trust has accumulated from the time we’ve spent working together, learning from each other and providing assistance in difficult situations. This is something for us to continue building on as we face the future together.»

Hans Eisenring, Managing Director and owner


Swisswindows AG, 9016 St.Gallen

«Swisswindows AG – the windows of Switzerland. We consistently focus on the Swiss market, not only in research and development but also in production. Our aspiration is to offer ecological and sustainable windows for our customers and our partners. With Swisshaus, we have a powerful, dedicated partner who, like us, relies upon Swiss quality, competence and professionalism. We look forward to continuing the shared, highly successful partnership with Swisshaus into the future.»

Urs Haering, Head of Marketing & Communications, Group Director

Heat pumps and solar systems

Alpha-InnoTec, ait Schweiz AG, 6246 Altishofen

«Alpha-InnoTec is the Swiss leader in heat pumps and also a major supplier of heat pumps for houses built by Swisshaus. With Swisshaus, we can count on a reliable partner that shares the same values as the Alpha-InnoTec brand: high quality products for a sustainable, low-resource future. The outstanding collaboration that we’ve enjoyed for years is built around an ongoing, mutual exchange between the individual specialist planners. The outcome is efficient, ecological heat pump systems that will keep householders happy for many years and above all bring them low heating costs.»

Markus Giger, Managing Director, ait Schweiz AG

Construction company

Lang Bauunternehmung AG, 8353 Elgg

«We’ve been working very successfully with Swisshaus since 2002. And we’re proud of the fact that we have built 330 houses in these 11 years. We know that this was only possible thanks to the professionalism of Swisshaus in processing and planning. We’re happy to know that we can build many more well-engineered and high-quality Swisshaus houses in the future.»

Oliver Lang, Management


WASU, 8376 Fischingen

«Since 2001, we have been privileged to be involved in the interior design of more than 1,000 Swisshaus single-family homes. We create harmonious and stylish rooms using ceramic and natural stone tiles. We appreciate the pleasant manners and always professional approach of the Swisshaus team, and are proud to work throughout Switzerland as a partner company of Swisshaus AG. We look forward to continuing to support SWISSHAUS AG with quality and innovation in the realisation of its projects in future, and wish the company every continuing success.»

Walter Suter, Owner