Planning & building permission – your house takes shape

Your house concept becomes reality: the Swisshaus project team starts with the project planning. In a personal conversation with your architect you discuss your house from the cellar to the roof. Your decisions, wishes and changes flow into the project. Then the plan is put in for building permission.

Planning a house works best in a team. The Swisshaus project team from your region tackles the planning phase together with you. The architect and project manager* is now your personal contact. He contacts you and provides you with expert advice on all aspects of project planning. His team also includes structural engineers* and construction managers*. As specialists in their particular areas, they all contribute towards the success of the project.

* Although we use the masculine form to ease legibility, we naturally have female colleagues at Swisshaus who work in all areas, for instance as project or construction managers and as draughtswomen. More than 40 per cent of Swisshaus employees are women.

From the preliminary talk to the draft project

A preliminary talk is held with the construction manager, preferably on your building site. In this way it soon becomes clear how to place the house in the best possible position on the land. The project manager assesses the state of the land and the surrounding area as far as possible and talks with you about road access and parking spaces. In addition to this, your project team acquires all of the documents, such as building regulations or ground plans. Based on this information and your wishes concerning the house concept and space assignment, the team designs the draft project.

An important day: the client-architect discussion

The client-architect discussion (CAD) is a milestone on the way to your dream home. You discuss the planned project in depth and make many decisions – your architect and project manager help you here. What should your house look like from the outside? What is important to you in the interior design? What mechanical services should be installed, and where should the sockets, light switches and lighting connections be placed? These and other questions will all be clarified. You can prepare yourself for this day with the tried-and-tested Swisshaus checklist.

Cost security even with changes

The project team registers all of the changes and extensions you wish for. Additional costs may be occurred if your wishes for structural changes and fittings differ from the basic model. Examples for such extras would be an additional balcony or a central vacuum system. All of the costs are contained in the property investment list (PIL). These calculations, which were started by the client advisor, are constantly updated and recorded. In this way you always know how much your house costs. On the day of the ground-breaking ceremony, when all of the samples and changes are clear, you will know the exact fixed price of the building.

Handing in the application for building permission.

The Swisshaus project team compiles the plans and documents for the building application and hands them in. Your building land is marked out by your team who take care of everything surrounding your building project. Depending on the Canton, the building permission phase usually takes between 6 to 12 weeks. During this time the project team draws up all of the plans, specifications and work schedules for contractors and craftsmen and puts the assignments out to tender. Wherever possible, Swisshaus tries to work with regional partner companies and to respect your wishes in the choice of craftsmen. Whilst the approval procedure is under way, you concern yourself with sampling and fittings.