Planning requirements for multi-family houses

The building professionals at Swisshaus know the specific requirements for multi-family houses and incorporate them in the plans.

To ensure all residents of a multi-family house can live happily in undisturbed privacy, we incorporate the relevant criteria and regulations in the plans. These include:


Multi-family houses are subject to enhanced soundproofing requirements under the SIA 181 standard. Rented apartments need to meet minimum requirements, while owned apartments are subject to enhanced requirements. Your Swisshaus architect plans the necessary soundproofing measures. Among other things, these call for specially designed partition walls and ceilings, suitable flooring and installation shafts for drains and ventilation ducts.

Fire protection

In multi-family houses, the walls and concrete ceilings between the apartments and in the stairwell must be designed to meet the fire protection regulations for multi-family houses. Strict criteria also apply to the apartment doors. Furthermore, corridors and staircases must be at least 120cm wide as they are escape routes.

Easy-access design

Above a certain number of apartments, multi-family houses must be planned to allow accessibility for disabled persons. This number of apartments varies from canton to canton. The requirement for accessible design generally starts from 4-8 apartments. The criteria range from minimum sizes for lift cabins and rooms through to wheelchair-accessible showers and toilets, and wheelchair-accessible doorstep heights.

Earthquake-proof construction

Just like our single-family houses, multi-family houses are built with earthquake-proofing. Swisshaus complies with the statutory earthquake regulations for new-builds on land in zones Z1 + Z2.


The regulations call for a certain number of parking spaces per apartment and visitor parking spaces to be made available outside multi-family houses.

Outdoor areas

In many cases, a central mailbox facility, a refuse disposal area and, in the case of larger buildings, a children's playground are required.


Interior decorations in multi-family houses should be hard-wearing (rented apartments) or high quality (owned apartments). The plans should also include built-in cupboards and wardrobes, storage space in the cellar and/or attic, a laundry room, a lift, and so on.