We build more than just prefabricated houses!

The modular concept employed by Swisshaus offers far more than just the ordinary benefits of the prefabricated design like simple, inexpensive construction. Our homes combine the advantages of both architect-designed and prefabricated houses.

Benefits of Swisshaus modular houses:

  • Solid construction that retains its value: brick by brick or in wood
  • Simplified planning thanks to tried-and-tested house models
  • Individual design options for our clients
  • Support from initial idea through to handover
  • Fixed-price guarantee: build with cost transparency
  • Everything from a single source: saving you time, money and energy!
  • Swisshaus works with local tradesmen.
  • You benefit from uncomplicated, individualised planning.

Swisshaus creates individual homes using modular construction techniques. These are as easy to build as prefabricated houses, but are erected by local tradesmen as a solid construction, brick by brick, or using wood construction methods. Swisshaus homes combine the benefits of both architect-designed and prefabricated houses: they are based on proven house models, thus making planning simpler while still allowing for an individual design.

Building a prefabricated house?

In the case of a prefabricated house, the individual design possibilities are restricted by the high degree of standardisation. The house is factory built to predefined plans and assembled on site. Swisshaus enables anyone in Switzerland wishing to build a home of their own to benefit from uncomplicated and individual planning.

Everything from a single source

Swisshaus supports you in building a house – from the initial idea to the handing over of keys. You benefit from our experience and practical yet ingenious house ideas, not only giving you a sense of security but also saving you time, money and energy. Our client advisors will be happy to demonstrate the possibilities and explain the service provided by Swisshaus to you at a free consultation.

  Request your free information package now and be inspired by our house models.