Project planning order – house project planning at a flat rate

You want to plan your house entirely from scratch to suit your wishes and ideas? Swisshaus enables you to do this at a fair flat rate – with the project planning order. Your Swisshaus architect will plan a single- or multi-family house according to your specifications, ready to apply for building permission.

The project planning order marks the start of the house that is custom-built for you. Together with your Swisshaus architect, you design a customised house concept. The flat rate includes all of the project and planning services up to the point where the project is ready for official approval. This payment is offset against the purchase price when building with Swisshaus.

Building project ready for approval

After receiving the mandate, your Swisshaus architect starts by clarifying the building plot, building regulations, official fees and other relevant points. He also commissions a surveyor to take altitude recordings on the plot. Based on a pilot study, and together with you, the architect develops a house concept that is ready to apply for building permission. He also calculates a flat rate for construction and makes a forecast for the total costs.

Competent support

The project planning order gives you competent support if you would like to build an architect-designed house or a multi-family house, or if your building plot presents difficult framework conditions for construction. The project planning order does not oblige you to build. Your client advisor will gladly inform you about this Swisshaus service and provide you with all the advice you require.