Triple-glazed windows

Did you know that Swisshaus gives you triple-glazed windows at no extra cost?

The triple glazing provided by our suppliers Swisswindows and Rino Weder ensures not only better break-in protection and stronger soundproofing, it also boasts better insulation figures than Minergie-compliant window glass. This saves on heating costs and protects your wallet

What is the Ug value and what does it measure?

While double glazing is common in many houses on the market, Swisshaus employs triple glazing in all of its windows. Higher quality panes are used in a Swisshaus that, with a Ug value of 0.5 (W/m²K), offer better heat insulation than Minergie-compliant windows. These have a Ug value of 0.7.

The Ug value identifies the heat transfer coefficient of glass. The lower the value, the greater the heat insulation and consequently the lower the energy consumption. A house with triple-glazed windows uses around seven times fewer kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy each year than a house with single-glazed windows. So it's worth making sure you choose the right windows when building a house, or better still, building with Swisshaus from the start.

Comparison of Ug values


Ug value

Single glazing


Double glazing


Insulating glazing

2.8 - 3.0

Heat-absorbing glazing

ca. 1.3

Windows in low-energy houses

0.5 - 0.8

What does the Uw value say about heat insulation?

The heat insulation of the entire window including the glass and frame is measured by its Uw value. The triple-glazed windows that you find in a Swisshaus have a Uw value of between 0.72 and 0.79.

Minergie-compliant windows exceed this figure, with values of 1.0. This is still a good figure and the Minergie concept is definitely a sensible option for house-builders overall. But while other building partners will charge a premium for windows meeting the low-energy standard, Swisshaus already gives you triple glazing with outstanding insulation figures as part of its basic package. This is another reason for building with Swisshaus.

Our commitment to excellence goes well beyond choosing the right windows. We use only quality and branded products for all areas of your new-build home.

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