Reference homes and customer recommendations

Reality is the best reference. Are you toying with the idea of building your dream home? Is Swisshaus the right partner for you? Do you require references? Hear what the owners of Swisshaus-built homes have to say and see how their houses look from the inside.

Swisshaus will not merely show you theoretical examples from a brochure or take you to show homes that remain uninhabited. Instead it will provide you with real-life references.

See for yourself

The customer testimonials on our website give you a first impression of some of the dream homes we have realised. Whether a roomy villa or pretty, little house – for singles, couples or families – the houses we build are each as different as their owners. And every one is unique. You can find out more about partnering with Swisshaus by hearing what the owners say and reading references from our building partners.

Would you like to experience Swisshaus live?

Come along to one of our open house days and take a peek inside one of our newly realised construction projects, where you can see the quality of our solid built and wooden houses with your own eyes. You can sign up for the next open house day using the online registration form and we will send you an invitation as soon as the next date has been confirmed.

An experienced general contractor

With over 4,000 houses built, Swisshaus can draw on a wealth of experience. Competent professionals and long-term employees are this general contractor's recipe for success. Why build with Swisshaus? Because we are passionate about building individual homes as if they were our own. We aspire to make your dreams come true, so that you too can one day say: "Our new home offers us sheer quality of life."