Robert Augat

CFO – Management

“I was very fortunate to have been able to build several homes and to experience how exciting it was to develop, see the building grow and anxiously await the time to move in. Important to me at all times was the quality and standards of the materials used, the reliability of the involved craftsmen and last but not least “a trustworthy and eye to eye consulting”. A smooth, efficient and transparent execution of the back end administration and happy and satisfied customers are my highest priority.”

Robert Augat joined the management team at Swisshaus in May 2016 as CFO and Head of Internal Services. His duties cover the Finance/Controlling, IT, Costing, Purchasing and Legal Affairs functions. He has already demonstrated his broad skillset as CFO of a subgroup of Endress+Hauser.

A Swiss citizen, Robert Augat grew up in Colorado, USA. He and his wife live in Frick and the St. Gallen area. He likes to spend his spare time in the great outdoors surrounded by mountains and lakes or playing golf; he is also a passionate owner and fan of American sports cars.