Samples & fittings – give shape to your house

The same thing applies to sampling: we make your task as easy as possible. Your project manager accompanies you through the many decisions which give your house its individual character. You decide on everything, from the door handles to the roof tiles and the kitchen equipment.

In fact, a great deal of sampling also takes place early on during the client-architect discussion. Swisshaus has made a preliminary selection for you of tried-and-tested quality and brand products. This means you can choose the samples you‘d like for your house quickly and without any inconvenience. The choices you make in the Swisshaus sample rooms include such things as: doors and windows with metal fittings, external venetian blinds or window shutters, roof tiles, façade materials and colours, wall and ceiling coverings, light switches and electric sockets. Being well prepared is worthwhile: when you’re in other houses, make a note of what appeals to you.

Sampling for the kitchen

The kitchen is a central living space. That’s why careful planning is important. You will receive comprehensive help and advice during the sampling session with one of our experienced kitchen consultant partners. You kitchen consultant will present you with a basic kitchen for your house in 3-D images. This kitchen is designed based on the house plans and your budget. This presentation provides a running show of how various choices of materials, colours and fittings look together. You can also inspect and try out the kitchen elements in the showroom. The consultant discusses the advantages and disadvantages of your choice and shows you any costs that differ from the basic kitchen.

Advice on the bathroom design

Competent Swisshaus partners are also ready to provide you with expert advice on the planning of your bathroom and WC. The consultant considers the house plans and your budget, then shows you the appropriate basic fittings for bathrooms and toilets. Swisshaus and its expert partners regularly review and update all the basic fittings each year. During the advice session you can assess the various bathroom items in the showroom. You choose everything from the washbasins to the mirror cabinets, taps and fittings. You will be informed about any changes in costs as you make your choices.

Other samplings

For the sampling of wall and floor coverings we recommend our specialist partners with their advice, installation and guarantee service. But you are free to choose where you would like to do your sampling. In fact, you are free to choose where you do any of your sampling, including for the kitchen and the bathroom. But this can affect the costs. For instance, because of the special conditions, Swisshaus can only reimburse part of the kitchen budget if you opt for a different kitchen supplier. You receive advice from your project manager/architect.

Optional fittings

Your Swisshaus project team can install anything that is technically possible and available on the market. You can choose from a variety of options ranging from a laundry chute, to a home automation system, Minergie standard and a solar system. You’ll find an overview under options. Your wishes in this respect are already considered in the client-architect discussion. The rule for all samplings is: because they influence the construction plan, they have to be defined several weeks before the ground-breaking & construction phase.