Security – no chance for burglars

Householders can minimise the risk of burglary by doing the right things and taking appropriate precautions.

It makes sense to specify intruder-prevention mechanisms when planning your home.  Break-ins can be prevented by securing all the weakpoints in your single-family home as appropriate for the risk. What matters most is to interlink all possible security precautions. The best time to draw up a seamless security concept is the planning phase for your new home. Your Swisshaus project manager will advise you on the right precautions to prevent break-ins and discuss the possibilities with you as well as the associated costs.

Break-in prevention

  • Mechanical intruder prevention: Light wells, windows and back doors are the favourite spots for burglars looking for somewhere to enter. In response, Swisshaus offers various security packages featuring window locks, safety glass, light well grating security systems and the like for precisely these weakpoints. The house doors in the basic Swisshaus configuration already comply with resistance class 1.
  • Motion sensor lighting: Excellent protection against break-ins is provided by seamless, all-round lighting for the house that is automatically activated when someone approaches.
  • Burglar alarms: The great strengths of any burglar alarms lie in their ability to identify an attempted break-in as quickly as possible and to warn the emergency services.
  • Intercom systems: An intercom system is one way of identifying who is standing on the doorstep and wants to come in.
  • Video intercom system: When someone rings the doorbell, a bell sounds and the image from the camera appears on the monitor.
  • Access controls: The door release consists of a card reader and a keypad for the personal code.
  • Property fencing: A stable fence prevents unauthorised access to the property.
  • Safes: Safes protect your valuables against fire as well as burglars.