Small but nice home: the alternative to an apartment

The first signs of spring are starting to appear as nature reawakens. The delight on the faces of Peter Haas and Serenella Riedi is plain to see: in one week‘s time they will be moving into their new home!

The last workman leaves the house, a stepladder tucked under his arm. The dream has become reality! Together with the clients and new owners, Peter Haas and Serenella Riedi, we enter the finished house from the back. The floor in the hallway is still covered to prevent the dust from spreading throughout the house. We take off our shoes and begin our inspection in the basement, where it was originally planned to have a protruding wall right next to the stairs.

However, the construction proved too unstable and looked cumbersome. So Peter Haas and Serenella Riedi decided to do without the additional wall. And they are pleased with the solution: «I couldn’t be happier», says Serenella Riedi, proudly adding that she painted the floor herself. But as if that wasn‘t enough: this is a special basement, one with its own custom-made protective door, allowing the couple to pursue their hobby here – both are active in competitive shooting. They have a particular passion for precision weapons – pistols, to be exact. Peter Haas talks enthusiastically on the subject. Ever since his wife signed him up for a dynamic shooting parcours eight years ago, he has been driven by ambition. «It‘s a very exciting sport, never boring», he explains. His eyes light up as he proudly gazes in the direction of the small training facility they have installed. This is where the two Swiss champions in dynamic shooting will practice firing their air-powered pistols.

Adding solar technology to heat pump

Situated right next door to the basement room is the utility room, which is equipped with a washing machine and tumble dryer as well as a heat pump. Here too, the new house owners already have plans: they want to supplement the heat pump with solar technology and have already had the empty conduits installed for this purpose. They have even given some thought to their cat: the entrance to the basement is fitted with a cat flap, enabling the family pet to come and go as it pleases. Back on the ground floor, we inspect the walls, floors and ceilings, and lower the blinds – everything is as it should be, in perfect working order. Peter Haas has chosen the room next to the house entrance for his other hobby – this is where he will spend time working on his remote control cars, both petrol-powered and electric, something he enjoys much more than reading or watching TV, he tells us as we make our way to the bathroom. This is fitted with a Grohe rainshower system and a Geberit shower toilet – with remote control, naturally. «Once you have experienced it, there‘s no going back to a normal toilet», they both agree and smile at one another before Serenella Riedli draws our attention to the joints. They are highly delighted at the precision and care taken by the workmen.

Rain shower for the wellness factor

Chance played a role in the couple‘s decision to build a house: «it happened out of the blue», grins Serenella Riedi, who would initially have preferred to buy a flat. But shortly before signing the contract, things took a different turn. A shooting friend convinced Peter that building a home of their own would actually be a cheaper alternative. «Are you crazy? Do you have any idea how expensive that will be?», was Serenella‘s immediate reaction. But she was gradually tempted by the idea of a self-build. And now there is only one week to go before they move in. Their relationship with the house did in fact develop from day to day, growing with every brick, as it were. «It‘s small but beautiful, and we love it», says Peter Haas.

Only the best craftsmen built this house

And his partner adds that quality of life and enjoyment of living don‘t depend on the size of the house. They are convinced they have made the right choice. Even though they didn‘t really shop around. Swisshaus made a professional impression right from the start. And customer advisor Remo Hunziker won them over with the serious nature of his presentation. Their instincts proved right. «You hear a lot of stories», says Peter Haas. «That‘s why I‘m glad that Swisshaus took on the coordination and responsibility for this project. The company has the right channels, steers and manages everything in a very professional manner. The two shooting enthusiasts praise the choice of builders and workmen in particular. Whether tilers, plasterers or plumbers – the believe everyone did a really great job. Something that site manager Markus Tanner, who commissioned the tradesmen to carry out the work, is also happy to hear. «My aim is to always hire the best people.» And it‘s clear that he fully succeeded in doing so on this project.

«I couldn`t be happier.»

Serenella Riedi