Solar energy – free and environmentally friendly

Solar energy is freely available, sustainable and environmentally neutral; it also attracts public subsidies.

A distinction is made here between solar collector systems used to heat water and photovoltaic systems used to generate electricity.

  • A solar collector system can supply around two-thirds of the annual hot water required by a single-family home, given the right sizing and location. Some systems also support the house’s heating when used in combination with other sources of energy (wood, heating oil, gas, heat pump).
  • Photovoltaic systems use solar cells to convert sunlight into electrical energy. If the system is connected to the national grid, excess capacity can be sold to the electricity utility.

Assembled on the roof or the wall

Swisshaus recommends to you options for installing complete solar and photovoltaic systems on the roof or walls. Solar systems can be mounted on many façades, for example on the Solaris house model. And special frames also make flat roofs ideal for exploiting solar energy. If you do not want to install a solar system until some later date, empty conduits can be mounted and preparations made for installation. Your project manager can tell you all about it.

Using solar energy – what do I need to do?

The rules for approving solar systems vary from canton to canton. Your Swisshaus project manager and your personal customer advisor can help you find out how much it would cost to install an optional solar system. The cantons and many municipalities provide subsidies for such installations that you should apply for at the earliest possible stage. Besides all this, many of our houses exploit solar energy even without solar panels or photovoltaic systems thanks to their large, south-facing windows.