Solid construction – brick by brick

Solid construction houses have a good reputation: buildings made of masonry and concrete are durable and offer many advantages. With Swisshaus you can build a solid construction house that gives you pleasure for many decades.

The great majority of building owners in Switzerland opt for solid construction houses. There’s good reason for this: It ensures a long life span, very good sound insulation and a great deal of leeway in the house construction. The building mass of bricks and concrete stores the warmth during the daytime and releases it again as the evening becomes cooler. And in summer the walls also balance the temperature and ensure a pleasantly cool environment.

Different wall structures

The walls of solid construction houses can be built with single or double layer masonry. Double layer walls consist of an inner and an outer layer of masonry with the heat insulation in between. In the case of single layer masonry, a heat insulation layer such as polystyrene is applied to the external face of the wall and then plastered. This external heat insulation encloses the solid construction house with an insulating layer like a cocoon. Regular ventilation, by brief airing or with a ventilation system, is important to enable a natural air and moisture balance.

Building a solid construction house with Swisshaus

Swisshaus accompanies you with expertise throughout the entire building process and in all aspects. Craftsmen from the region use high-quality materials to create a solid construction house of lasting value. You receive quality at a fair price-performance ratio. In addition to this, the guaranteed fixed price gives you financial security.