Soundproofing – sound asleep despite loud surroundings

Busy streets, railway lines or a close airport – Swisshaus knows a variety of soundproofing measures.

Swisshaus knows the problems with noise and can resolve them. The soundproofing already needs to be included in the considerations when planning your home. In some cases, there are also legal requirements regarding noise control when the house is on a busy street, by a railway line or near an airport. Your Swisshaus architect would be happy to advise you on this and show you possible solutions. Depending on the measures selected, additional costs might arise that are not included in the basic version of the house model you choose.

Design measures

First of all, the project manager/architect applies design measures, such as:

  • The bedrooms are placed on the side of the house facing away from the source of noise.
  • The window positions are also crucial for noise control. For instance, a dormer window under a flight path is not ideal.
  • A horizontal concrete floor under the roof shields the residents from the noise thanks to its body.

Technical measures

Where design measures are not effective, technical options come into play. These include things like soundproof or noiseproof windows. Thanks to insulating glass, a noise-absorbing frame construction and the right assembly, these protect against noise from outside the house. A special absorbent façade can also help to reduce noise.