Transparent living with lakeside views

In a rural setting right by the woods, this modern property on the south bank of Lake Neuchâtel is an ideal place for anyone wanting tranquillity.

The young family loves the high quality of the accommodation that they can enjoy to the full in their villa. For them, this is the ideal place to withdraw to, even if the father also has his office in the house. Fortunately, the building land was already available. The owner enthuses about the exposed location: "Our love for the water and the associated exclusive views of the lake, together with the natural tranquillity, were the main reasons why we built here on the south bank of Lake Neuchâtel."

Large living areas with plenty of light

The house's unconventional architecture provides generous living space over some 300sqm. The property is approached by a private drive leading up to a large garage capable of accommodating three cars. The boiler and utility rooms together with the office and a fitness room are all on the same floor. These facilities as well as the garage are all tiled. The living areas themselves are located exclusively on two complete upper storeys. The living/dining room with open-plan kitchen attached feels like a loft with its floorspace of around 95sqm. The property has a total of 6½ rooms, two bathrooms and three guest toilets as well as two large terraces on two floors. Thanks to the extensively glazed façades, plenty of daylight pervades the rooms in the house.

Successful combination of Mediterranean and modern

The architecturally striking residence offers an interesting combination of Mediterranean and modern elements. The natural stone walls around the property, the palms in the garden, light stone floors inside and the Italian polished plaster walls are reminiscent of a terrace house somewhere on the Med. Yet the owners combined the areas cleverly with glass and purist elements. The result is a transparent single-family house with a Mediterranean touch. The owner relates: "From the design angle, the house is something of a symbiosis between modern architecture and inspirations from south of the Alps."

Glass as a central element

"It tends to be a bit on the large side for a single-family house. But to make sure the structure looks light, we prioritised the use of glass as a building material," the owner explains. "The fronts in the Poggenpohl kitchen are also coated with a glass surface." The surrounding terraces with glass balustrades provide for plenty of transparency and broad views across the lake. Also worth highlighting is the lift in the villa that serves the living space on the top floor.

A bathtub in the bedroom

A special house also boasts special features. One of these is certainly the bathtub in the bedroom. The guest bathroom also has its own bathtub. As the owners are real gourmets and love cooking, a well-equipped kitchen was an absolute must. The modern kitchen complete with illuminated central island was provided by kitchen-maker Hans Eisenring. The kitchen furniture comes from Poggenpohl and most of the appliances from V-Zug. With such top-of-the-range equipment, cooking dinner becomes an absolute pleasure. And after the meal, the whirlpool overlooking the lake is the ideal spot to relax. This is definitely another of the highlights in this very special property.

Lighting concept with star ceilings

From the very outset, the owners had clear expectations of their new home. The lighting was one of the key issues. "The external lights on the two outdoor terraces are certainly an eye-catcher," enthuses the father. In addition, star ceilings were installed at various places in the house, reflecting the vastness of the sky over the lake. The owner is delighted. "The display of lights in evening moods can be quite phenomenal. The lake view comes across as open and magnificent."

Into a Swisshaus with the general contractor

"I'll admit that the choice of Swisshaus came from a gut feeling. Good initial contacts with company representatives confirmed the positive impression. The firm's huge experience was certainly also a key factor," confesses the owner about his experience the general contractor. The property might well be somewhat unconventional in terms of its architecture. "But today, thanks to competent experts, I can sum it all up like this: Swisshaus can do it!" When asked what special wishes the owner couple had expressed to the Swisshaus architect, his answer is clear: "It should be a house that is self-contained, functional and optically attractive, without being overdone. The project and construction manager implemented these ideas competently and sensitively." The couple also considered it important for their house to transcend certain norms and be modern and large. A love of individualism and the Med also had an impact on the house design.

The favourite spot in the house? The top terrace

What the self-employed property specialist appreciates most about the new house is the top-floor terrace and "the feeling of reaching the most beautiful place after a day on the road and sipping a glass of Amarone up on the top terrace while enjoying the light show in the sky over the lake." The family have realised the dream of having a home of their own where they always have a slight sense of being on holiday. "It's a real privilege to live here." The father is visibly satisfied with the outcome and would certainly choose to build with Swisshaus again.

"It's a real privilege to live here. I would certainly choose to build with Swisshaus again."

The owners