Using rainwater – in toilets and gardens

It is possible to use rainwater in the garden and toilet instead of drinking water.

The Swiss consume an average of around 162 litres of water per day and person in a private household. According to the Swiss Association of the Gas and Water Industry (SVGW), nearly a third of this water flows through the toilet, making it by far the biggest consumer in the household. So using rainwater makes it possible to save plenty of drinking water. Apart from the toilet flush, rainwater can also be used to water the garden.

How it works

  • A rainwater system collects the rainwater from the house roof in a tank that is buried in the ground.
  • Before flowing into the tank, the water is channelled through a cleaning filter.
  • A pump then feeds the rainwater from the tank into a system of pipes that is separate from the drinking water network.
  • The rainwater passes through this piping to reach the toilet or the garden via an outdoor tap.

All-round service for rainwater usage

Swisshaus can arrange the entire optional rainwater system for you. The service ranges from burying the tank and the pipes through to connecting toilets and garden taps and starting up the systems. If you are interested in using rainwater, your customer advisor and the project manager would be happy to advise of you the cost.