Ventilation systems – fresh air in the house

A ventilation system constantly replaces the ambient air.

The airtight building shell in modern houses prevents the natural exchange of air and moisture. This is where comfort ventilation systems come into their own as they replace the air in the building:

  • Fresh air conveyed into the living rooms
  • Used air removed (breathing air, kitchen smells, etc.)
  • Moisture regulated (caused by breathing, cooking, showers, etc.)

Even when a ventilation system has been installed, the windows can still be opened to air the house. This is no longer a necessity, however. A comfort ventilation system also shields out pollen, dust and street noise. And the residents do not notice a draught.

Heating energy stays in the house

Swisshaus can install comfort ventilation systems featuring heat and moisture recovery upon request. Their use helps to prevent heating energy being lost and ambient air drying out. The systems have been optimised to run quietly and filter air pollutants. Our customer advisors and project managers would be happy to tell you more and show you how much it would cost and how to maintain the system. You should make it clear at an early stage if you’re interested in installing a comfort ventilation system so that this option request can be included in the plans in good time.

Also possible without a ventilation system

If comfort ventilation is not installed, it is essential to air the house regularly. The best way to do this is to open the windows as widely as possible for a short period of time, if possible several times a day. We can let you know more about this and answer any questions you may have. Correct ventilation is an important issue in well-insulated, airtight buildings.