Washing chutes – raise flap, insert washing

A washing chute takes your washing straight to the laundry room, where it is collected in a basket.

A washing chute is becoming ever more popular when houses are being planned these days, even in smaller single-family homes. Building a house represents a unique opportunity to install a practical washing chute system. An arrangement of tubes takes the washing to exactly where it belongs – in the laundry room. This means no more washing baskets filled to overflowing in the bedrooms, children’s rooms or laundry rooms. Simply raise the flap, throw in the washing, and the items are ready to load in the washing machine.

The advantages of washing chute

  • No piles of washing in the bathroom
  • No dirty washing lying around
  • No odour from washing waiting to be done
  • No need to carry full washing baskets
  • Once installed, it goes on making life easier years later

Swisshaus plans for you

It is important for the washing chute to be included in the house plans at an early stage. This is the only way of putting the chute flaps in the best positions, meaning wherever the dirty washing actually accumulates. The utility room should be located below the washing chute in order to prevent bends in the chute and allow a vertical routing. The earlier you think of a washing chute in the planning of your new home, the better it can be incorporated in the final designs. Your customer advisor will let you know about the cost and your project manager will take care of implementation.