Wellness – your private oasis

Whirlpool, sauna, steam shower – it is possible to have your own personal wellness zone in any house.

Since the manufacturers have put more emphasis on design, saunas, steam showers and whirlpools now fit effortlessly into the look and feel of the home. It is possible to install a wellness area in the bathroom or basement, for instance – there is a solution for pretty much any room shape and size. Don’t miss out on the opportunity when building your new home and check the possibilities and the cost together with your Swisshaus project manager.

Various types of wellness

  • Sauna: A home sauna takes up quite a lot of space – even if space-saving models are now available. Furthermore, connections for electricity and water are required.
  • Infrared sauna: An infrared heat cabin uses radiant heat. It only requires the same amount of space as a wardrobe.
  • Steam bath: Steam baths can be built with heated floors and benches, if requested. They require plenty of space.
  • Steam shower: This offers the same pleasure as a steam bath, but requires less space.
  • Whirlpool: This takes up less space and can be set up outdoors on the terrace or balcony. Whirlpools are sometimes also called jacuzzis by some manufacturers.

Plan well to relax well

The most important points in wellness planning are the spatial possibilities that are available and the requirements that you have for your oasis. We at Swisshaus recommend that you include the options of a wellness oasis during the planning phase. Based on the wishes of the owner, the project manager clarifies the impact of a sauna, steam shower or whirlpool on the house budget.